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Less is More!

If selling your house is on your to-do-list in 2016, then the winter time is the perfect opportunity to get the interior of your house ready! Your already stuck inside, so take advantage of it! If I were to decide to sell my house, I’d have a lot of packing up to do! We live in our homes and we collect stuff…that’s just what we do. Especially if you have kiddos! However, when getting your home “market ready”, it’s crucial that all the “stuff” gets put up.

The simplest and best way to do this is just go room to room and take inventory. Think about the time of year it is and what you will need the most for the next few months. The items that aren’t crucial to your everyday living, box it all up and put it in the garage or storage.

I see it all of the time…buyers truly do have a hard time looking past stuff to see the house. Following this simple advice will go a long way towards maximizing the sale of your home!

Less truly is more when selling your house!

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